Disability Communique: A Message from Bandung to the World

Today, we who gather here, representing more than 100 organizations, commemorate International Day of Disabilities to remind us that persons with disabilities (PWD) of all kinds are an inseparable part of us. There are more than 1 billion in the world., Including 23 million in Indonesia, who must be treated equally in our economic, political and cultural lives.

PWDs are citizens who are vulnerable to changes in our world. Hindrances in physical mobility and non-physical restrictions will be exacerbated by various disasters from time to time, including climate crisis. Therefore, inclusivity must continue to be strived for and practiced in everyday life.

NO ONE LEFT behind, must be supported hand ini hand with NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US. These are the two essential principles that must be promoted.

Th United Nations Convention on Human Rights and People with Disabilities, on which sustainable development goals (SDGs) are derived from, as well as regulatory derivatives to ratify it at the national level in Indonesia through the enactment of Law 39/1999 on Human Rights and Law 8/2016 on the Person with Disabilities are the normative foundations that must be implemented consistently.

Various inequalities that compromise the interests of citizens with disabilities must continue to be addressed by everyone.

State and non-state actors must act together, so that an inclusive society is not just a charitable narrative, but truly reflected in the hearts of all citizens of the world.

Bandung, December 3rd, 2022.

Farhan Helmy

President of  DILANS-Indonesia (Disability and Elderly Movement of Indonesia)